Type 2 Diabetes And Amputation Of Legs And Feet .

Why do so many people with Type 2 Diabetes require amputation at some point in their life? Diabetes causes many complications. One of the most devastating is diabetic neuropathy. This is actually the diabetes doing damage to the nerves in the periphery nervous system. It happens most often in the legs and feet. The problem usually begins with a tingling sensation in the area. Eventually in sufferers with Diabetes 2 the tingling turns to pain or numbness. Another medical condition that Diabetes Type 2 causes in the feet is reduced circulation. In the extremities of the feet, the size of the blood vessels constrict due to diabetes. When these to risks combine, it can lead to severe problems in the feet or lower legs. That is when amputation may become an option.

How do you avoid getting to the point of an amputation with type 2 Diabetes? The right foot care is imperative. So, it now means monitoring the feet for any signs of infection. It means keeping them clean at all times. It means wearing good shoes and the proper support socks. It means treating any minor injury as a major one. If a minor injury happens in an area with nerve damage and poor circulation, infection becomes a real possibility. Severe infection can lead to gangrene. That, of course, may lead to amputation. Seeing your doctor about any injury to the foot is important for that reason alone.

There are other ways to help prevent the need for amputation if you have type 2 diabetes. It is a medically accepted fact that you should quit smoking since it also decreases the size of blood vessels throughout the human body. Keep a close eye on your glucose levels. Managing those levels will help keep diabetes damage to the nerves down to a minimum. Get and stay physically active. This helps increase circulation to the legs and feet. It also helps with flexibility. Visit your doctor regularly to monitor for any problems. Get your weight under control. Excess weight on the legs and feet do not help individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.

If you already have nerve damage or circulation issues in your feet, don’t think that amputation is inevitable. Taking good care of your feet is extremely important. Visit your doctor if you find sores developing on your feet. Take care with wearing shoes at all times. Loss of sensation may not let you know if you step on something that causes a wound. With type 2 diabetes, taking care of your feet is almost as important as monitoring your blood sugar.

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