Finding the Subculture and Serving Them

The subculture. The group of passionate people who aren’t in the mainstream yet, and probably don’t want to be. Yet. But are an emerging power.

Think back 15 years ago. NASCAR was still a southern poor man’s sport, the Food Network was in its first year and the X-Games were still five years away. But through the years, they’ve grown. They’ve emerged into our everyday. And they’ve had something in common – a subculture.

NASCAR fans trek to their favorite track and spend 3, 4, even 5 days before the race tailgating and enjoying simply hanging out with other fans. It’s part carnival, part Woodstock, part family reunion, but all about food, fun and racing. Over the years, it’s built up fan base, so loyal other sports look to it for guidance. As the NASCAR subculture grew, so did the sport itself until it burst into popularity. New tracks were built in places like California, Chicago and Las Vegas (with one being built in New York right now). Corporations took note and what was once a sport dedicated to the “good ol’ boy network” was now about network television, Wall Street sponsors and big time money.

According to Forbes, “the average NASCAR team banks $ 12.3 million in profits, or roughly 15% of revenue” each year. Note that’s each team, staggering for a sport that, even today, carries a stigmatism of “low tech, low class and low budget”. Forbes also notes that Roush-Fenway Racing is valued at $ 316 million dollars, Hendrick Motorsports at $ 297 million, and Joe Gibbs Racing valued at $ 173 million. That’s big money which grew out of moonshine runners and hot rodders wanting to prove to each other who was the fastest.

And that’s the power of a subculture. It starts with passion, attracts others and grows like a tsunami and lands squarely on Main Street, USA. Look at the Food Network, watch how passionate the tv chefs are about eating. Watch the X-Games. Notice the shear determination the snowboarders, half-pipers and free stylers possess trying to pull off the next epic move. And then look around and see how many dedicated fans they have. The ones that follow their every move. Mimic their expertise and buy they products they use.

Looks a lot like NASCAR 15 years ago, doesn’t it?

Find the subculture and serve them. Think with 15-year vision, imagine how this group of people will grow and eventually become mainstream in the future. Then, later on, when Wall Street comes in, the networks take over and sponsorship money has to be brought in by Brinks, you’ll already be firmly entrenched, be an expert in what they want to know, have the contacts and connections they desperately seek.

In short, you’ll be riding the wave of the mainstream.

Brian Grossman is the owner of Wonderhouse Design in Cincinnati, Ohio, a design studio committed to authentic communication between client and audience and as much as possible, making it really cool.

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Functional & Beautiful Stainless Steel – Serving Spoons and Water Bottles

Serving spoons stainless steel is easily available on the web. These are available in sets of varying numbers and have different uses. You will be amazed with the wide array of options available to the buyers, which offer ease of use, functional designs, and great varieties. There are beautiful looking soup spoons. When the chilly winters get to you, combat it in style with spoon sets that generally contain six pieces together. You can share your passion for a great variety of soups, chowders, and broth with your family and friends, which these spoons lend style to the gathering. Large serving spoons are ideal for serving purposes because these help you to scoop up the needed amount without scope for spilling.

Stainless steel serving spoons has a distinct appearance and come in varied sizes. These highly useful items have a strong grip having a non-slip feature. Serve with confidence and pour out the needed amounts in style. Curries and gravies have a tendency to spill and you can place a full stop to such occurrence with this high quality, serving spoons. Those looking for a spoon specifically for using with gravy dishes, gravy ladles offer the best choices. You can easily stir, pour, or serve using these functional pieces of spoon. Decorative serving spoons are beautiful and have unique designs add flair to any gathering and compel guests to ask their source of purchase.

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Buy bottles ideal for carrying liquid of any kind in both hot and cold varieties. Colorful bottles in to win your heart and compel you to purchase them without much ado. These have different shaped bodies, including round and square. Then there are special gym bottles that take care of your hydration needs during exercising. These easily fit inside the side pockets of the bags you carry and this comes with proper insulation and complete leak proof properties. Hygiene level of water remains top notch even after long hours. Buy bottle online because this way making choices becomes quite easy and anybody can do it without problems. There is a wide array of selections available when you want to buy hot water bottle online. Make choices about capacities and sizes based on requirements and the reasons behind the purchase of bottles.

Those who want can also buy steel water bottle. These appear fantastic, are thermally insulated, and keep water hot or cool as required.

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Food Storage Bottles and Plastic Serving Spoons

One cannot think of a home or kitchen minus the presence of food storage bottles or serving spoons. In order to take care of the various needs of the householder one can come across a variety of different items for different purposes. Serving spoons can be made of anything from plastic, wood, or metal. Those who want can even go for special antique serving spoons, which can be the family heirloom kept for important occasions. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, finding different kinds of items, which are both unique and highly useful, is not difficult.

Besides water bottles, one can need bottles for other purposes too. This may be for keeping different items in the kitchen or in the bar area of your home. Designer bottles , such as beer bottlescome in various shapes and sizes as well as colors to grab the attention of the onlookers. These are high quality and come with reasonable prices for maximum benefits. Consider your needs and then pick up the item that suits you the best. Those who want to go for special something can consider buying unique wine bottles, which appear fantastic and make impressions on everybody.

PET bottles are high quality and lightweight, besides coming in variety of styles, designs, colors, and sizes to suit different needs. One of the main reasons of the high popularity of this kind of bottles is that it is possible to recycle them, making them eco-friendly. We find them in use for carrying soft drinks and mineral water as far as their commercial use is concerned. People who believe in the Go Green movement can pick up these from the online medium and use them as drinking water bottles to do their bit for the environment.

High quality serving spoons can add to the beauty of any gourmet presentation. In keeping with the needs of buyers everywhere, shops offer high-quality spoons made from different materials. Compared to beautiful yet shatter prone glassware, large plastic serving spoons make a wise selection, especially when you have butterfingers to consider. Even these are high in quality and have eye-catching colors and designs that compel you to reach for these when shopping. By shopping on the web, it is possible to get bargain prices on the best products and this includes different kind of serving spoons for adding to your existing kitchenware.

From regular use serving spoons to special salad serving spoons, the choices are many for the buyers. Serving spoons generally are made from heat resistant material that comes in different sizes. These are easy to clean and maintain, which makes them ideal for use across various kitchens. What’s more, these beautiful materials come at reasonable prices that add to their benefits and make them a wise investment indeed. It is possible to use these wooden serving spoons for serving different dishes, including chutneys, curd, sauces, raitas, rice, salad, pasta, and deserts. Consider the amount that you want to serve and the type of items involved so that you can pick up the best plastic serving spoons available.

Consumers can go for various kinds of bottles such as drinking water bottles or wine bottles. Other options include antique serving spoons or salad serving spoons.

Glass Serving Bowls Are Essential To A Fabulous Tableware Collection

In a traditional home, serving bowls are considered to be one of the most important pieces of a dining collection. It is simply not acceptable to serve food out of pots and pans. Instead, food should be placed in serving bowls and then brought to the dinner table. Some glass serving bowls are very elaborate in their design and colors, while others are simple and can be used on a daily basis.

Bowls, all types of bowls, have been around for ages. They have many uses. The main uses are serving food, storage, and as an eating utensil. In order to create the perfect fine dining collection, it involves switching from the tableware that you use every day such as cups, glasses, and plates and buying large, more elegant pieces.

These pieces would include matching serving bowls and platters, a cake plate, and salt and pepper shakers. Having a collection of fine tableware not only looks elegant but it is practical. If you are hosting dinner guests and serving a meal with many courses, you will need to have enough serving platters and bowls to serve the food while keeping the display of food attracting and appealing.

Actually, what kind of tableware is sitting on the table is equally as important as the food that is being served. When choosing serving bowls to add to the collection, please be aware that there are many different types to choose from. Most likely, the bowls will be used on a daily basis so it is important to choose pretty and durable bowls.

Many people enjoy having handcrafted bowls on their table. These bowls give the elegance and dramatic flair that one is looking for. They come in intricate patterns and bright colors. Usually handcrafted bowls are available as a set, but they can also be purchased individual.

The handcrafted serving bowls may be a little more expensive. They are made by melting crushed glass in a furnace, then adding the color. Once that is done, the molten glass is pressed into bowls.

Serving bowls can be used for many things. Along with serving large dishes of salad or pasta, they can also be used to display and serve snacks at parties. Some people choose not to use them to serve food at all. These dishes can be used as table centerpieces. They are excellent at holding floating candles or fruit. Some people even use them to hold fresh cut flowers in lieu of a vase. Whatever the use might be, glass serving bowls are essential.

Before you buy a serving tray, make sure you check Wealthwood’s glass serving bowls or look for a glass serving bowl GLSERBWL

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How Does Video Ad Serving Work?

Video advertising has proven itself as an effective advertising platform since the first television advertisement in 1941. As more and more viewers watch television programs, music videos, Internet shows, and viral clips on the Internet, advertisers gain interest in the market. Online publishers are adapting proven advertising methods seen on television and inventing new advertising formats that generate user interest and increase advertising revenue. There are three types of online video ads that have been standardized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB): linear video ads, companion ads, and overlay ads.

A Pre-Roll video ad is a short video clip displayed before the main show starts. It is very effective since viewers are eager for the main show and their attention level is high. On the other hand, a Post-Roll video ad is a short video clip that plays after the show ends. There is a risk that viewers move to another video or another page before the ad displays because they have already finished watching the main show. A Mid-Roll video ad is a short video clip that plays in between the beginning and the end of a show. A long show might have multiple mid-roll video ads. Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads are considered linear video ads since they run in a sequential order together with the main video.

A Companion ad runs along with a video ad (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll) to provide a more integrated experience for viewers. When you choose to use companion ads, the video player can control and display other contents on the same page. For example, a mid-roll video ad can synchronize other banner ads on the same page so that they promote the same product. A video ad can alter the page background, or “skin”, to provide a whole-page theme that enhances the ad effectiveness. Companion ads can be text links, image banners, or Rich-Media ads.

An Overlay ad is similar to a television ticker that displays at the bottom of the TV screen. You can show text links, image ads, or even video-within-video ads in a small box overlaying the main show. It runs in parallel with the main video and users will have an option to close the ad box or it can be set to disappear automatically after a number of seconds.

A Third-Party video ad is an ad provided to you from a video ad network. On your website, your video player requests a video ad from the primary ad server. If a video ad from your own advertisers is available, it will be displayed. If there is no suitable ad, you can set it to display a third-party video ad from a video ad network. This functionality is achieved using VAST Wrapper, in which the video ad data is passed from the third-party ad server back to your video player. Impression, click, and event tracking are recorded for this video ad in both primary and secondary ad servers.

Tracking and reporting is very important to video ads. In additional to typical ad metrics like impressions and clicks, a video ad can track progress and interaction events. First, progress events report the attention span of ad viewers, which include Start, First Quartile, Mid-point, Third Quartile, and Complete. When the ad video begins to play, the video ad server will record an event at each checkpoint. It is expected to see a higher number for Start events and gradually drop off to a lower number of Complete events because viewers lose interest. Second, interaction events report the actions with the ad video, which could be Mute, Un-mute, Pause, Resume, Rewind, Close or Make the video fullscreen. These types of events can help you identify the positive and negative effects the video ad had on your viewers. If you find many viewers mute the video ad when it begins, it might be too loud or distracting. On the other hand, if many viewers expand the ad to fullscreen, they enjoy the full ad experience.

AdSpeed Ad Server is a reliable and powerful ad serving and ad management solution that serves your ads, track impressions, clicks, and report ad statistics in real-time. AdSpeed combines the latest ad serving technologies with advanced web analytics to maximize your advertising revenue.

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