Purchase from Some Best Toy Shops in London

If you want to see your child happy then consider buying some best gift items, which can make him or her happy. Those planning to buy gift for their child should visit some best toy shops in London. These stores are filled with some best and top quality items that are best as gifting options. You can even take your kid to the particular shop where he can enjoy and choose the item according to his own choice. These shops have gifting things for all age groups, which includes dolls, toy car, bike etc. The shop is usually having different sections and in each section, there is different collection. Some stores do have toys for infants too. These are superior products made by some top quality material.

Here are some basics tips that you should follow while searching for some best items:

1- It is good if you make a list of items that are most liked by your kid.

2- If you are going to buy something that operate on batteries then it is good to find some extra battery suppliers in UK, so that you can easily change the cells whenever there is a need.

3- Always try to find the shop where there are plenty of options, so that you may not find any difficulty in getting the things that you want to purchase.

4- It is always a good thing to include the choice of your kid, while you go for shopping.

5- Never ever, make any decision in rush and take some time to analyze those items that you think are going to give your kid some happiness.

Those who want to buy a top quality item should try to visit some top toy exhibition in London. There you will surely find many things that one can easily buy to fulfill his needs. There are many individuals who do not have enough time to visit different stores; such people should try to visit some online stores where they can find a number of different playthings that are surely going to impress their kid. These online stores generally categorize the playthings according to price, age group, or quality.

It is a very nice option to go online and find such stores. You should pay proper attention to details and should try to buy those things, which are quite affordable according to your budget. Never ever make any decision in rush and take some time to analyze things, which can prove to be very beneficial for you later on.

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Rent A Photography Studio, London

Simulacra Studio is a relatively new fixture in Brixton and an ideal venue if you’re looking to rent a photography studio in London.

Well equipped, affordable, in a prime location and set in historic buildings with an industrial feel, Simulacra Studio is in fact a complex of studios and out buildings set in the Railway Arches of the former Briton East Station.

This facility is far from a typical, four white walls studio.

The main space being 2000 sq ft with ample working height easily accommodates large crews and large set pieces for shoots.

If size matters when booking a photo studio, this space has incredible height making it possible to rig props or suspend models and performers as part of aerial rigging on set.

Simulacra Studio is Bowen’s equipped and then some, with access to infinite kit on request. This ample space and technical back up is essential when looking to book a photography studio.

The main studio also has a fully fitted make up room with vintage features such as barber’s chair and Hollywood lighting and even a bar and lounge area complete with pool table, which is a popular addition for a break or over lunch.

Simulacra Studio also boasts a second studio, upstairs and totally self contained ideal for those looking to book a photography studio on a somewhat restrained budget.

All the elements are in place, again Bowens lit, with considerable natural light this 700 sq ft space has it’s own bespoke make up area.

Clients range from the world of fashion, TV & publishing but there is also a daily promenade of small, independent retailers shooting products, models, bands and performers shooting publicity and portfolio material.

Simulacra Studio also offers expert assistance, the space is run by photographers for photographers which gives a unique, friendly and professional support framework.

This is not just a business but a hub, a source creativity can stem from, forged and polished ready to be released to the world!

Clients come to rent a photography studio and get the desired results, Simulacra Studio offers a professional, hassle free environment to get the job done, not just by meeting necessity but to go that little bit extra.

Tell us what you need, we have links to infinite equipment via our suppliers, costume hire, prop and set creation, power tools, local catering and more.

Take a look at www.simulacrastudio.com and our behind the scenes shoot photos and do get in touch to book.

Simulacra Studio is an impressive space that covers every spectrum; fashion, editorial, product, portrait, lifestyle and live performance. It is the best photo studio in London for fashion photography, product photography etc. The photo studio is equipped with state of art equipment. To know more on the photo studios, visit: www.simulacrastudio.com

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Exceptional Photo Studio London with Make Up Room

Simulacra Studio is an exceptional shooting space leading the way in photo studio hire for clients seeking an affordable space with all the right equipment.

Set in cool surroundings, the studio is a refurbished ex nightclub housed in railway arches dating back to the 1800s, the space is quirky and creative from the off.

It’s inspiring surroundings that make the experience of shooting in this London photo studio something a little beyond the norm.

There’s a lot of artwork on the walls of adjoining rooms, metal sculptures and a camera installation that makes you realise you are in the realm of photography heaven.

Studio One is a great size, with vast ceiling height, more than ample kit and a relaxing atmosphere in the form of leather sofas and a client balcony where you can get an oversight of the whole photo studio.

The studio is built for business with a bespoke make up room with vintage chair, Hollywood Lighting, power shower and fluffy hotel robes, ideal for pampering models and spacious enough for a fair sized crew of stylists and MAUs.

Basic kit, enough to stage a shoot, is provided in the booking hire fee making this an affordable and economical choice.
Extra kit is available on request, to infinite specifications.

The space is great for photographic and video shoots and many film and TV production crews are regulars, alongside photographers.

There is a second studio upstairs, Studio Two is an incredibly light and airy space with oak flooring and bespoke make up station.

Again the kit is inclusive, Colorama is available in both studios.

This smaller studio is still a good 700 sq ft and easily accommodating, entirely cut off from downstairs with a separate entrance there is no danger of crossover from the large studio.

There is also a bar area with pool table which is actually an annexe of studio One, so if you hire the big studio this is inclusive.

Use it for extra shots or a space to meet your clients before and after.

I cant think of another photo studio in london that has this array of facilities, that is affordable and feels like an intimate members club.

Simulacra Studio is rapidly turning from a best kept secret or hidden gem to a contender on the London scene.

Time Out recognised this in calling Simulacra Studio a venue destined for big things in 2015, noticed from their evening event programme as from 6.00pm the studio opens its doors for private event hire.

The studio is turned around for 10.00am starts the next morning, welcoming back photo crews once more for the daily business as usual, but there’s a night life side to the venue which goes hand in hand with the late drinking and entertainment license.

The guest list meets client list is impressive.

Clients include Ralph Lauren, Jasper Conran, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and many more.

Even big clients know quality and know how to talent spot for a good service.

More than ever clients are discerning and looking for the best service, when it comes to a photo studio in London Simulacra Studio is ticking all the boxes.Take a look at www.simulacrastudio.com for further information

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Photo Studio London SW9, Inclusive Lighting Equipment, 2000+ Sq Ft and Technical Staff

Simulacra Studio is a professional photography, video and film studios in London SW9 and arguably the best facilities for the price available in London today.

Many things have made this studio rise form hidden gem status to a first port of call for returning clients, as can be witnessed eloquently written in the multitude of genuine 5 Star Google reviews online.
Let’s face it customers take to the internet to say what they mean in no uncertain terms, yet they’re taken the trouble to sing the praises of the studio an it’s staff.

The overall environment is highly creative, feeling like a secret club meets photography studio, you enter through the green room which incidentally has a fully licensed bar with pool table, then enter either Studio One or the upstairs Studio Two.

Studio One:
2000 sqft of interrupted space including vast shooting are with very high ceilings, Bowen’s lighting, Colorama, green screen & blackout, aerial circus rigging, balcony, deluxe make up room, power shower, green room with fully licensed bar and pool table, courtyard and garden, on site parking, tea and coffee, wifi.

Week day rate £250 inc VAT 10am-6pm

Studio Two
700 sqft daylight studio with bespoke, fitted make up station, Bowen’s lighting, Colorama & green screen, on site parking, tea and coffee, wifi.

Week day rate £180 inc VAT 10am-6pm

Simulacra Studio also have a studios with a cove, a skate ramp, antique fittings and fixtures such as spiral staircase and giant clock face, bespoke graffiti mural by renowned artist Captain Kris and the newest addition, a studio on the Greek island of Paros in the Cyclades, a stunning getaway island next door to Mykonos, with a sea view, cove on the roof, 2 x 3000+ sqft floors, indoor and outdoor shooting areas.

So if you want to hire a photo studio outside of London, with significantly cheaper rates, need a long stay of a week or more with accommodation and catering o offer you can fly just 3.5 miles from Gatwick to do so.
Speak to the team, they can guarantee cheaper long stay bookings than London rates plus you have the benefit of this stunning, incredible island.

Studio timeshare, workshops, retouching holidays using the studio Wacom tablet then speak to the team about their very sensible all inclusive prices.

The team also offer flexible shoot packages, equipment rental, in house photography and retouching, tuition and workshops and more.

There are many reasons to try Simulacra Studio for your shoot, there is also a prop and scenery construction workshop designated for large or small builds, there are designers and carpenters on site who can create specific pieces for you or you’re welcome to hire the workshop with tools for your own build if you just need the space.

No other studios have quite this variety of service, or the skill level of the staff, founder and Studio Director Francois Boutemy and Studio Manager Hedvig Larsson are both accomplished photographers in their own right.
Both run the studio as a personal quest with attention to detail, endless customer support, nothing being too much trouble and expert knowledge of how to maximise the kit, Francois is the king troubleshooter with a reputation for being a bit of a MacGyver fixing things with gaffer tape and the contents of his tool box or pockets as the need arises.
Either can assist you, set up on advance of your booking and will be on the premises throughout your booking.

Choose Simulacra Studio for your next London photo shoot.

Simulacra Studio go the extra mile for their customers so why not choose this photo studio London for your next project.

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Model Portfolios Shot in Exceptional London Studio SW9, Inclusive Equipment and Professional Photographic Services Available

If you would like to create a model portfolio, or add new images to an existing model portfolio, Simulacra Studio, London SW9 offers various shoot packages with a professional in hour photographer, or you can hire the studio with your own team in place.

Simulacra Studio, running 10 years, has reasonable rates, amazing facilities and technically competent, helpful staff.
A quick Google search will reveal their many 5 star client reviews from a diverse range of studio users.
The day to day clients are hugely varied, video shoots, look books, documentary filming, fashion brands, magazines, it’s a constant creative parade.

Some of the studio’s finest work is within fashion and portraiture, creating diverse, professional model portfolios is entirely within their skillset and experience.

So, what facilities are on offer at Simulacra Studio?

The most popular area is Studio One and the recommended studio for a model portfolio.
This space boasts 2000 square feet of interrupted space with vast shooting area and very high ceilings, overlooking mezzanine balcony, boudoir style make-up suite with Hollywood lighting around vintage mirrors and a power shower, mobile hairdressing backwash unit, barber chair plus useful little extras such as a clothing steamer and iron to ensure immaculate clothing.
There is a spacious green room/bar area with pool table also with drinks available.

You can bring your own stylist, make up artist etc or these can be provided from the wide network of freelance collaborators on the studio’s book.

Upstairs and entirely separate Studio Two is a smaller space at 700 square feet with a bespoke, inbuilt makeup station stunning natural daylight with full blackout capacity and oak flooring throughout.

Over the decorated, canopied courtyard you’ll find a prop build warehouse with power tools for use or commissioned piece.

Each studio has Colorama, green screen, free tea and coffee and wifi.
There is parking on site for two vehicles.

Model portfolios, look books and fashion or editorial shoots are a daily occurrence as are video shoots for artists and bands, plus shooting for TV and film.

An additional European wing of the company is opening this summer 2016 on the spectacular Greek island of Paros in the Cyclades this summer 2016. This new photo studio will cater for visiting crews, longer residencies, workshops with stellar industry names and more, but if you would like your model portfolio shot on location perhaps featuring golden beaches, turquoise sea and historic architecture then the studio also offers accommodation and food in inclusive packages, this new studio is just 3 hours from Gatwick and flights are in the region of £60-£100.

See the Simulacra Studio blog and Instagram for updates of this new venture, coming Summer 2016.
it’s certainly a unique opportunity for your model portfolio.

Look at company website www.simulacrastudio.com which also features a link to a blog showing the day to day happenings behind the scenes in Studio’s One & Two with some shots of the new space.

Aside from studio hire alone, studio founder and director Francois Boutemy has an extensive portfolio which can be viewed here : www.francoisboutemy.com
Photography and re touching by Francois is available, just drop an email over and it’ll usually be answered the same day.

Studio manager and newest team member Hedvig Larsson is also a photographer, originally from Sweden and a fluent English speaker Hedvig will be on hand to manage your booking from start to finish.

Outside of usual photo studio running hours of 10am-6pm there are a few extra surprises, the premises are open for private event hire from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. complete with sound system, bar and late license and a selection of delicious cocktails, draught German pilsner, local craft beer and small batch cider.
Should you like to book the studio as a venue for a launch or private party please get in touch for pricing and an interactive info pack.

See www.simulacrastudioevents.com for details of private event hire.

What’s not to love?

Why not get in touch:
[email protected]
07960 124 249

Simulacra Studio has a customisable environment to shoot a model portfolio in London. You can have full length pictures in variety of outfits, besides attention drawing head shots with a selection of expressions. To check some of the best portfolios, simply visit http://modelportfoliolondon.com/

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Beauty salon london Enhancing Your Beauty

Beauty lovers always seek friendly services at beauty salon london. They are known for offering many services such as Crystal Dazzle, Nano Shark, Leg Waxing, Hand Lotion – Fragrance Free, Acrylic Nail Extensions, Couples Massage, Gentleman’s Face Treatment, Babyliss Advanced Styler – Black, Aromatherapy Massage, and many more with great elegancy and comfort. They even keep beauty therapist who will guide and advise you beauty problem treatments. You can take services of beauty therapist london at any day of week or on sunday on given time, and date. Beauty salons in london offers professional bespoke hair, massage, menicure, pedicure, crystal dazzle thorugh the hands of their professional staffs. They are known for delivering mobile beauty services at the customer’s desired locations. With the advent of mobile beauty services you dont have to wait any longer for appointments or for your turn, just needed a mere call.

Beauty salon london offers Nail Polish, Base and Top Coats, Treatments & Oils, Hand Cream, Nail Files & Buffers, Hair Removal, Skincare, Make-Up, Eyelashes, Haircare, and many more. Each and every beauty treatment offered by them are really unique and healthy. Beauty therapist london offers crystal dazzle treatment converts your ordinary eye lashes into highly glamorous eyes. Then come the nail and beauty wherein you can go for Nano shark which offers instant help to your damaged nails. You can enhace the beauty of your nails using this technique, and can give your nails a new life. Nail extensions are one step ahead wherein you can not only give a good treatment to your ragged, and misshapen nails but can also enhance your beauty. They are available in different forms such as Acrylic, gel, and fiberglass. All these techniques may vary as per their value and price.

Some people even go for mobile nail technician, and call them to offer services in the comfort of their homes. They are actual professionals who can reshape any type of damaged nails, and go for friendly one to one service. Mobile massage london offers couples massage, Aromatherapy message etc., with great care and elegancy. They offer finest anti-stress techinques at affordable packages. Now give new life to your hairs by availing the services of mobile haridresser london for any special occasions. A londoner always enjoy the company of mobile makeup artists, and that’s the reason why they are full of appointments, and busy schedules. Similarly mobile nail services too can be carried out depending on your suitability, and concerns.

Beauty Agents is a mobile beauty and grooming company for busy Londoners.For More details on beauty salons in london and mobile massage london please visit our website beautyagents.co.uk