The Older the Hockey Team the Older the Hockey Jersey Design

When you think about hockey what teams first come to mind? If you said the Montreal Canadiens, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Boston Bruins, and the Detroit Red Wings you are not alone. These four teams happen to be some of the original six hockey teams and they have led some pretty illustrious careers. The great thing about these particular hockey teams is that they continue to wear their original hockey jersey designs even sixty years after they were first put together.

Hockey jerseys are an important part of what makes hockey the sport that it is. The designs of the jerseys are incredibly sophisticated and they tell a lot about the team. The Montreal Canadiens have a very classic hockey jersey design that has been with them from the very beginning. They have a red white and blue color scheme and their logo is a C with an H in the middle of it. The C of course stands for Canadien and the H stands for Habs which is a common slang term for French Canadien.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a team that would be no where without their fans. Toronto’s stadium sells out every single game even when the team isn’t doing too well against the competition. Toronto went through a few hockey jersey designs and team names before settling on the blue and white maple leaf scheme we all know and love today. Can you believe that they used to have a hockey jersey with green and white as the colors?

If you’re looking for an American hockey team that has remained unflinching in both hockey jerseys design and general team character over the years look no further than the Boston Bruins. The Bruins, with their yellow and black colors, have never once changed up their hockey jersey design unless it was to provide an alternate jersey. The shining B logo says all it needs to even if half their fans don’t know that a Bruin is a type of bear.

Detroit city is known lovingly as hockey town because the fans there are so devoted to their beloved Red Wings. The city has held a love affair with hockey and cars for the longest time and that is evidenced by the Red Wing’s classic Winged Wheel hockey jersey design. Red and white colors have stuck with this dynasty cup winning team for years and I don’t see them changing it up any time soon.

If you’re looking for sports legacies look no further than the National Hockey League. These teams have kept their history alive through their classic hockey jersey designs and will continue to do so for years to come. The fans love to watch their favorite teams duke it out in their retro hockey jerseys and sometimes the team management will throw an alternate jersey in the mix just to make things interesting. If you like hockey, you’ve got to love these four classic hockey jerseys.

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Ice Hockey Sticks – Composite or Organic?

If you are new to playing ice hockey choosing a good hockey stick can be a surprising challenge. One of the key questions you will need to answer is whether to go with a wood hockey stick or a composite hockey stick. Even though there are almost no players using wood hockey sticks in the NHL, choosing a wood hockey stick for a recreational hockey player can be a great choice.

Composite sticks have become a very popular choice in the last few years because there is a lot to like about composite hockey sticks. The two primary advantages are that 1) they can provide they player with a more accurate and faster shot, and 2) they weigh significantly less that wood sticks. The weight advantage allows the player to be more active with their stick when stick checking an opponent. The more accurate and faster shots come from the way that the composite sticks are engineered to bend at a lower point on the shaft than wood sticks. This lower bending point allows the stick to load up and recoil faster than a wood stick. With les deflection of the stick the shots are easier to control and put on target.

If you have played hockey before chances are good that you started with a wood hockey stick and that is still a good choice for today’s beginning hockey players. Wood hockey sticks are significantly less expensive than composite hockey sticks and this certainly helps the budget when you are just getting started and have to gear up with all of the equipment required to play hockey. Another advantage of wood sticks is that they impart a better feel for the puck for beginning players. After you have been playing hockey for a while you will be better able to judge the qualities of hockey sticks and how they match your style of play. That is a good point to investigate whether or not a composite hockey stick makes sense for you.

Wood sticks usually run on third to one quarter of the cost of most composite hockey sticks. If you break multiple sticks in a season, this could make a big difference in your buying decision. Beginning players are well advised to purchase a wood stick for their very first hockey stick. Once they start to acquire the basics of stick handling they can evaluate an upgrade purchase that is tailored to their style of play. Going this route has the advantage of a well matched stick to the play plus the wood stick becomes a backup stick to take to games in case the main stick breaks.

Now that you have your decision on your hockey stick material you still need to make a few more important choices. The blade pattern you choose needs to be match to your handedness (left or right) and to your type of play. The other two important characteristics are the length of the stick and the flex of the shaft. A local hockey shop pro can help you out if you are getting your very first hockey stick.

Like every piece of ice hockey equipment it comes down to your personal preference. Try as many of your teammate’s sticks as possible until you find the ones the feel and work the best for you.

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Playing Ice Hockey Requires A Lot Of Equipment

Ice hockey is a tremendously fun sport to play but it requires a huge commitment in time and gear to get started. This article will cover all of the basic equipment that you will need to play ice hockey to help you get started.

Start with a good pair of hockey skates. My recommendation is to visit your local hockey shop and try on every pair that they have in your size and pick the ones that are most comfortable. If you end up with skates that don’t fit well, you will not enjoy skating in them. To play ice hockey, you need to be decent on your skates. Learn to start, stop, go forward and turn in both directions before trying to actually play hockey. A lot of people use think skates when they use rental skate but this is not what you want when you are performance skating. Thin socks will allow you to feel and control the skates better than a thick sock will.

Hockey isn’t hockey without a hockey stick. Ice hockey sticks come in a very large range of choices. Start off with a wood hockey stick and a relatively mild curve on the blade. You don’t want a big curve on your blade when you are first starting out because it makes receiving a pass backhanded very difficult and you won’t learn the proper shooting techniques. For stick number one it is all about getting a basic model and then growing your skills before choosing your second stick.

Flying pucks hurt if they hit you where you don’t have protection. Falling on the ice also hurts when you land on it. This is why the protective hockey gear is so important. You will need a hockey helmet, should pads, elbow pads, hockey pants and shin guards to protect most of your body. Throw in a good pair of hockey gloves and a hockey jill or jock and you will be good to go for protective gear.

Clothing comes next and there are under garments and outer layers to get. The under garments include skate socks, a hockey jock or jill, and an under shirt. Outer clothing include hockey sock that go over then shin guards and a hockey jersey. It is pretty standard to need both a white jersey and a dark jersey so players are easily dividable into teams.

There are a bunch of extra accessories that you will also need. First there are two kinds of hockey tape. Shin guard tape goes around your shin guards to hold them firmly in place. The second tape is cloth tape that is used to wrap you hockey stick blade for a better grip on the puck and to make a better grip and the handle end of your hockey stick. Other accessory items include hockey pucks, a mouth guard, a hockey bag for all of your equipment and a water bottle.

Once you have all of your gear and you start using it you will soon realize that it gets wet and smelly very quickly. Best practice for keeping your gear clean is to take it out of your hockey bag and air dry it after every game. Many rinks also have special hockey gear washing machines. Use them! If you don’t take proper care of your gear it becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacterial. Get into the habit of good gear maintenance right from the beginning and you won’t have to fight bigger problems down the road.

As you can see, there is a large number of items that are required to play ice hockey. Most of these items are for your protection. Don’t skip wearing any of them, especially when you are first starting out and playing with other brand new hockey players. The other very important thing to do is to get equipment that fits properly. If you have any doubts ask the folks at your local hockey shop and they will get you set up properly. Good gear will keep you safe and in the game for a long time to come.

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Hockey Giant Is A Giant Hockey Retailer

Hockey Giant is an independent source for all things Hockey. This online hockey equipment dealer is a source to find ice hockey skates, inline hockey skates, goalie equipment, roller hockey equipment, ice hockey equipment, and just about any other extreme hockey need. Hockey Giant carries such brands as Easton Synergy, Bauer Supreme, and Bauer Hockey hockey equipment. Many athletes already use Hockey Giant for their athletic needs.

The Hockey Giant supply has quite a positive reputation. Hockey Giant carries the renowned Easton hockey stick, which is not that common. The online retailer has one of the largest selections of composite sticks for both roller hockey and ice hockey in the world.

If you need a pair of hockey skates, Hockey Giant can help. The retailer has one of the largest selections of roller hockey skates and inline hockey skates on the Internet. Some of the most popular brands are the Bauer Roller Hockey Skates are available. In addition to its extensive icehockey and rollerhockey equipment supplies, Hockey Giant also showcases the best in inline hockey equipment.

Not only does Hockey Giant offer the best variety of quality roller hockey, inline hockey, and ice hockey gear but also hockey goalie equipment and player accessories. Hockey players can also find a correct pair of gloves via Hockey Giant. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of hockey pants for play and practice. If you have it in mind for a particular NHL jersey, Hockey Giant may have the hockey jersey you are looking for.

Hockey Giant also offers to its hockey enthusiasts the proper protective gear for when they play the rough sport. It is important to wear proper padding and protective helmets, gloves, and knee covers when playing any variation of hockey. Also, because inline hockey, roller hockey, and ice hockey are all played at very high speeds with a high potential for accidents, it is imperative to wear mouth guards to protect players’ teeth.

Maintaining your hockey equipment is almost as important as making the choice of which equipment to purchase. Hockey Giant also sells a special tool kit for your inline skates, roller hockey skates, or ice hockey skates. This kit is handy to have around when a wheel or blade becomes loose. The retailer also offers protective coverings for your hockey sticks and bags to carry your equipment.

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What Does It Take To Improve Your Field Hockey Skills

It may take you sometime before you master
and improve your hockey skills but it all begins by making the
decision. Persistence and learning will equip you with the much
needed skill and knowledge as well as tactics and strategies you
need to play the game.

In a field hockey game, you will need to understand the
different positions you can take. From forward, defense, mid-
field, to the goalie position, you may want to know much about
them. In case you are new in the game, it would be good to get a
feel of the different positions before you can decide on which
ones you can play.

In players who have previously taken the different positions in
other games, they may be able to transfer the skill. For
instance, if you have in the past played softball, you could use
the wrist snap you apply in that game to hit the ball in hockey
game. People who have played soccer before can transfer the
skill of positioning and strategy to field hockey since they
tend to be similar.

You also need to ensure you watch the game as much as possible.
In order to understand the position, ensure you watch how
players are doing it. You may take part in live game watching or
search for videos that offer the same. There are websites that
provide training videos for field hockey players. These websites
are mainly run by coaches and players who have in-depth
knowledge on the game.

When watching the game or videos, pay attention to players who
are participating in your position. You may want to focus on
where, how, and when moves are made. Look at where a player
moves when they don’t possess the ball and how they position
themselves to receive passes.

It is true that the more you watch players play, the better you
understand this game. Don’t forget to develop your stick skills.
The hockey stick is your weapon and when coupled with skill and
strength or speed, you are in a good position to register
impressive results.

Stick skills involve anything that pertains to handling,
pushing, and maneuvering the ball using the stick. Things like
dribbling, tackling, dodging, hitting, and stopping ball are key
in stick skills. For example, in aerial dribbling, you will need
to develop hand-eye coordination. This will help you practice
how to get the stick in line with ball.

You may want to hold the stick in a basic grip where the right
hand is positioned at base of grip and the left hand rests on
top. Ensure you hold the stick in front and perpendicular to
body while the flat side faces the sky. By placing the ball on
stick while it is completely parallel to ground and in the air,

We can help you to improve field hockey skills with tools required to become a better Field Hockey Player & improve knowledge of all aspects of the game of field hockey.

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Some essential guidelines for those buying field hockey sticks for the first time

Finding the perfect hockey sticks for the beginner is not always a straightforward task. However, this article aims to provide prospective buyers with tips and guidelines that help you to decide what your ideal hockey stick is. For any budding field hockey player, buying your first hockey stick is something they will never forget. Besides the excitement of getting this prized possession in your hands, you need to be extremely careful that you don’t end up buying a field hockey stick that will make you regret your purchase. So, just to be on the safe side, here is a list of things that you need to bear in mind when you choose your first field hockey stick.

Essential Factors – Basic factors that play an important role in your hockey stick selection include: your style of play, pitch position and your build. The third factor is probably the most important one, as you won’t be able to play well if the hockey stick is too heavy or too long for you. Moreover, if you are buying your first hockey stick, your decision is likely be clouded by the opinions of various people. So when you visit a sports store, it is best to check beforehand all recommended requirements and guidelines before settling on a specific hockey stick.

Measuring the Length of the Hockey Stick – You have to check the length of the field hockey stick by keeping it on the ground next to you in the standing position. Ideally, your field hockey stick should finish one or two inches below your waist. However, if you are playing in defence then a longer hockey stick is the norm. If you are playing in attack, then a shorter stick is customary.

Measuring the Weight of the Hockey Stick – Even weight distribution is extremely important for selecting the field hockey stick. Generally, weight of hockey sticks range from 18 to 25 ounces (oz). So for defenders, the stick should be on the heavier side (22-24 oz), while for forwards, it should be on the lighter side (19-20 oz), with the weight lying somewhere in between for midfield hockey players.

Selecting the Toe – he curved end of the hockey stick used for hitting the ball is called the ‘toe’ of the stick. You need to be informed when choosing the toe, as, like the weight and length of your field hockey stick, it must suit your position and style of play. For finesse players, “shorti” toes are considered to be the best as these aid dribbling. On the other hand, “hook” toes are ideal for power players, while players looking for both power and finesse usually opt for “midi” toes. Since you are selecting your field hockey stick for the first time and may not have a position in mind, you have to grip the stick and try some moves to know which is the one that best appeals to you.

Material Preference – Hockey Sticks are typically made from carbon, fiberglass and Kevlar materials, which have replaced all-wooden hockey sticks. Although some hockey sticks are still made from a blend of both wood and composite materials.

Following these above tips, you can rest assured that you are settling for nothing but the
best field hockey stick for you.

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