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The Benefits Of A Certified Athletic Trainer For Your Program

Do you ever wonder what all those letters after a professional trainer’s name mean? Are they just for show and can anybody get them that turns up for an exam after studying for a few weeks? Well I can’t speak to every designation out there, but one I’m proud I have is the designation of

Certified Green IT Standard Training Provider – CGIT-TP by IFGICT

Certified Green IT Standard Training Provider – CGIT-TP The Certified Green ICT Standard Training Provider – CGITTP partnership program is offered by the federation to address the growing need to locally provide training services to aspiring candidates who want to be “Green IT Professionals”. The program is aimed at existing and established technical training institutions

EC Council Training Course to become a Certified Information Security Expert in 2015

Acquiring Information Security skills is the new buzzword this year 2015 to distinguish a professional from the crowd. It goes without saying, that EC Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) is known as the largest certification body for Information Security professionals and EC Council Certifications are very popular among IT fraternity. EC-Council is an internationally