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About Floppy bird the game and its developer
Floppy bird is a bird flying game. It is developed by Vietnam based developer Dong Nguyen.It was published by Gear studios. It was released May 2013 for IPhone5.It was updated to IOS6 by September 2013.In January 2014 it is topped on the Chinese and American ITunes Application store. In the same month the game “Flappy bird” is the most downloaded application on the App Store of IPhone.
How to play the game Flappy Bird
To flay a bird without hitting the pipe. If the player hits an obstacle. The player will lose the match. Every time the bird flies through the pipe. The player receives a point
Huffington Post’s comment on the game
The Huffington Post on the online journal ,it has commented on the game like this “insanely irritating, difficult and frustrating game which combines a super-steep difficulty curve with bad, boring graphics and jerky movement”. It is the most negative review from Huffington Post
Jenifer Whiteside of Amongtech.com’s comment on the game
Jennifer Whiteside of Amongtech.com commented on the game as like this. It has become the most downloaded Application of the IOS because the users are addicted to this game. It is a positive response from the Jennifer Whiteside of Amongtech.com.
Comments given by the Users about the game
The users are more irritated by the game because of toughness to play the game. One of the user told that he has taken half hour to get at least 5 points. The users are commented the game on the social media network like twitter and face book too
Mobile platforms used for the game
Floppy bird game will supports only Android and IPhone. Earlier it has shown in the Windows website. But the developer said that it was not supported on the Windows mobile. According to the developer of the game, Android platform is easier to play the game than the IOS platform.
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Controversory on the game
Some of the persons suspected that the developer has used to bots to get the sudden popularity of the game. But the developer denied that. He told like this” I respect all the public opinion. I won’t give any comment to this article. I’d like to make my games in peace.”He also told in twitter like this “It doesn’t matter. Don’t you think?…If I did fake it, should Apple let it live for months”.
Social media supporting the game Flappy Bird
Face book supports the game Flappy Bird through its application. It is a huge bonus for the developer. The site flappybirds.co.uk is also supports the game. If you have a face book account the user can play the game online through the site. It is a huge benefit for the users because if he score the highest score. His name will be displayed on the site. More users want to get the highest score and play the game online through the site and face book.
My view on the Flappy bird or any other game
Flappy Bird or any other game can be more famous through the public opinion through social media like face book and twitter. If a friend played a game and if the game is good he will tell his friend to play the game. It will be beneficial and play the game
Advertisement income of the game the Flappy bird
The game is getting around nearly $ 50,000 a day through Advertising


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