Animal Butter brings fast casual street food to Tuscaloosa

Whenever the contractors weren’t there working, the staff of Animal Butter was. Putting up fixtures, cleaning and making menu boards, all in preparation for their grand opening two weeks ago.

“It was very stressful but it was also very rewarding when we were able to open the doors,” said Aly Kirkham, who manages the dining area at Animal Butter. “It was like ‘okay we’re doing it.’”

Animal Butter, located on University Boulevard next to the Children’s Hands-On Museum, opened on Feb. 17. The fast-casual restaurant serves classic street food dishes, each one with a twist. Head Chef Joel Fredrick was a chef at Epiphany for five years before it closed in December.

“We wanted to do something that was still kind of upscale but we also wanted to be able to feed the masses at the same time,” Fredrick said. “Basically make sure that everyone could come in and have a good time and just enjoy themselves without having to worry about price point.”

No item…

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Why the Mariners have a chance to build on last year’s winning season

The playoffs are a great goal, but perhaps it’s better to focus first on something smaller: rolling a modest success from one year to the next.

With another baseball season about to dawn, the Mariners have an obvious and lofty goal: To end their maddening, and increasingly embarrassing, playoff drought and advance to the postseason for the first time since 2001.

But with spring camp opening on Tuesday in Peoria, Ariz., perhaps it’s better to focus first on something smaller, but just as frustrating. Never mind winning a division title or a wild-card berth. The Mariners, for more than a decade, haven’t been able to sustain even modest success from one year to the next.

Since Lou Piniella walked away as manager after the 2002 season, an undeniable turning point, the Mariners have had five, count ‘em five, winning seasons in the ensuing 14 years: 93-69 in 2003, 88-74 in 2007, 85-77 in 2009, 87-75 in 2014, and 86-76 last year – each under a different manager (and four…

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How to make Apache more secure by hiding directory folders


Image: Jack Wallen

You have Apache set up and serving your sites to perfection. Or so you thought.

A team member informs you she can navigate through the folder hierarchy of your Apache server. This could end in security issues you don’t want to face.

The fix for this is quite easy and allows you to do it for individual sites or for your document root (i.e., the default location where your Apache sites are served from). There are two easy methods of achieving this; I’ll show you both.

I assume you have Apache running and serving up sites. I also assume you have sites in standard and nonstandard locations. For the sake of this example, our server will have a document root of /var/www/ and our nonstandard sites will be served from /srv/www. My demo will be with Apache2 on…

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The most important stories in advertising, March 2

Snap Snapchat Logo
Inc is valued at $24 billion after its IPO.

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of
advertising today.

1. Snap
is going public at a $24 billion valuation
company raised $3.4 billion after selling 200 million shares.

Facebook’s video app launched on Apple TV
The app
launched on Samsung Smart TVs earlier this week.

These are the 10 most-liked advertising CEOs

Glassdoor data from the past two years classes the best bosses
across the industry, from traditional agencies to ad tech

3. Casey
Neistat is getting a daily live show on CNN
broadcaster acqui-hired the YouTube star and his team after
buying his app Beme in November.

4. YouTube
thinks its popularity with young people gives its TV service an
The video streaming platform wants to get its
younger audience to pay for their first TV package.

Investors are…

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Town of Owego family turns knack for baking into home business –

TOWN OF OWEGO, N.Y. – A Town of Owego family has turned their knack for baking great pies into a home business.

Daffodil Hill Bakery opened on Day Hollow Road in September.

Sherry Bell and her three daughters, Debby Davis, Emma Squier and Sarah McCabe, converted a garage into a kitchen and sales counter and started…

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Why Australia’s 457 temporary workers’ scheme is attracting heat

Renee Zheng

Image caption

Renee Zheng sometimes feels guilty she might be taking a job from an Australian

The alleged exploitation of migrants, and fears that Australians are losing out to foreigners in the jobs market, have prompted the government in Canberra to signal reforms to its temporary overseas workers’ scheme.

Known as the 457 visa programme, it allows employers to bring in staff from abroad if they can’t find a suitably qualified Australian.

Designed to plug skills shortages, it includes more than 650 eligible occupations.

Among them are childcare centre administrators, tax accountants, architects, anaesthetists, motorcycle mechanics and gas fitters, while the most commonly recruited employees are cooks, cafe managers and marketing specialists.

Having previously said the government would “condense” the list, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has now…

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