Cake Toppers and Serving Sets Top off the Reception

The crowning moment of the wedding ceremony comes when the official declares the couple man and wife and instructs the groom to kiss his bride. The crowning moment of the reception comes when the couple cuts the cake, and the cake is the crown jewel. This holds a central place in the entire party.

It is important to have a special topper for the cake and that the cake fits in with the dcor. Whether your theme is traditional or modern, the cake topper and the serving set are important items that will be seen and photographed by many of the guests.

With a well decorated cake playing such a central role at the reception, the topper must be a perfect match for the theme and dcor or the combined sense of humor of the bride and groom. The range of available cake toppers is very wide in today’s market. Some are more traditional, such as the bride in white and the groom in a tuxedo standing together atop the cake. Others are more modern and sometimes humorous, such as a topper with the bride standing atop with a fishing pole and the groom on the hook being reeled in. There are cake toppers of both traditional and modern design available to match any dcor and color scheme. It is even possible today to purchase a topper with mix and match brides to set on it to that one can create the perfect cake topper for themselves.

If the cake is the center of the reception, as the bride and groom are the center of the wedding, then the cake serving set would be like the official performing the ceremony. If either were to show up for the big event not dressed properly, it would cause a stir. It is very important to select the right cake serving set to match the dcor and fit in with the theme, just as it is important for the official performing the ceremony to be dressed appropriately. Neither has a true central role, but both are strong support characters that must not seem out of place. Shopping for cake toppers and cake serving sets at the same time is a generally good idea. Serving sets come in many different styles as well, such as the double heart serving set that is very traditional, or a beautiful hand painted calla lilly set that is a perfect match for a reception with a spring or a garden theme. Many different cake serving sets are available to match any theme. These items may seem trivial when compared to dress fittings or flower shopping, but these are very important items to make sure the day is as perfect as possible.

Make the choice of cake topper and serving set that is best suited for you and your wedding if you like you can go Online you will find the best selection in the online shops they tend to have the best selection . Finding something to fit your reception .Shopping online can save time and money. Online stores are generally cheaper than local bridal shops.

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