Daily Archive: Friday, February 17, 2017

Developments in electric RC Trucks

[ad_1] The exponential progress in technology has tagged along with its changes almost all fronts of our society. The communications has improved, our way of life has become a picture of quality, everything has become a lot easier and lighter, even the way we spend our leisure has become a lot more sophisticated all because

Teen accused of spray-painting racist slurs, swastikas pleads guilty – Ottawa

[ad_1] The teenager accused of spray-painting racial slurs and swastikas at six different locations in a single week last November could face sentencing in adult court.  The teen pleaded guilty Friday to five charges including inciting hatred, mischief against religious buildings, threatening conduct, possession of weapons and breach of conditions following a previous conviction. All the charges stem from a

Experience Brainwave Control, Hypnotherapeutic Tools, Remote Viewing, Deep Meditation and Healing Mindfulness

[ad_1] Demonstration by Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis of brainwave reactions to hypnosis, remote viewing, deep meditation, mindfulness exercises, habit control, guided imagery, mind-body control and astral projection at the International Hypnosis Federation Retreat Conference this March 3-5 at the Mary and Joseph Retreat Center, 5300 Crest Rd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 atop

Scientists slow aging with artificial antioxidant SkQ1

[ad_1] A group of Russian and Swedish scientists just published a breakthrough paper, reporting results of a joint study by Lomonosov Moscow State University and Stockholm university. The article was published in the US journal Aging. The major goal of the study was to investigate the role of intracellular powerstations — mitochondria — in the

Trump’s Labor Pick Seen As Champion of Hard-Working Immigrants, Religious Freedom

[ad_1] If confirmed, President Donald Trump’s new pick for labor secretary Alexander Acosta will be the first Hispanic in Trump’s cabinet. Shortly after the announcement on Thursday, Acosta’s hometown Miami Herald newspaper praised Trump’s choice in an editorial – pointing to his local, hard-working roots. “Here’s the big news for us: Having a labor secretary

Aviation program

Take your education more seriously than you take your grammar and you may go somewhere. Flying is serious business, steps cannot be overlooked, (like the absence of caps and punctuation)… many people read these interviews, keep it squared away. You have to get selected to two programs if you go through another branch first (the