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Why Is US Divorce Rate Lower Than It’s Been In 30 Years?

[ad_1] It’s Valentine’s Day, so the topic of divorce is not one you’d expect, or even necessarily want, to hear about today. But, in this case, it might be OK. The divorce rate in the U.S. is the lowest it’s been in more than 30 years. To find out what’s behind that, I’m joined by

FastBlue Communications Goes Green With iPads

[ad_1] There are a number of ways for a business to measure the return on its IT investments – increased productivity, time saved, reduced costs, etc. When you invest in new technologies, such as mobile apps, smartphones, and tablets that mesh with your corporate mission, there are added benefits. That was the case for FastBlue

Dolphins look at LB T.J. Watt (J.J.’s brother)

[ad_1] There’s nothing little about J.J. Watt’s little brother. NFL Draft prospect T.J. Watt is a 6-foot-5, 240-pound weapon with a college highlight reel of him wrecking opposing offenses. Clip after clip, there’s Watt brushing off blockers and double teams to deliver big-time tackles. He’s exactly the kind of playmaking linebacker that seems to have

Understanding The Basic Car breakdown Cover Service

[ad_1] In the breakdown cover business, roadside assistance is the very first step that both clients and companies look to discuss. It is the one element that defines the whole breakdown cover industry as far as vehicles on the road are concerned. People who look to opt for a comprehensive breakdown cover always tend to

Scenes from Epson’s ‘Digital Couture’ show at New York Fashion Week

[ad_1] Sarah Richards, who designed a collection for the Digital Couture Project, said she has worked with digitally printed fabrics for the past five years. Richards said she prefers this method because of the “unlimited” aspect of it, noting that she can create a line with fewer materials and in less time. Although it may