Daily Archive: Saturday, February 11, 2017

The iphone To Make Another Round Of Tech News Rumors

[ad_1] The tech news platforms are again heating up with news of a new iphone. This is not something new considering the time is ripe for another round of iphone launch. Remember this is the time when a new device or an upgraded model is introduced every year. Many boggers and tech sites have started

Starting Insulin Earlier Can Limit Weight Gain for Type 2 Diabetes

[ad_1] Early initiation of therapy hoped to reduce long-term morbidity, mortality by getting to goal earlier; potentially alter the natural history of the disease. We have seen that basal insulin causes less weight gain than other insulin regimes.  In this prospective, multicenter analysis, we see data that suggests initiation of basal insulin therapy earlier on

A Bite On The Toe Says Time To Go

[ad_1] One of the truly inexpensive ways to travel is with a group doing volunteer work of some type. Several years ago, my wife, oldest son and I were able to travel to Sarawak, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. We went with a group of mostly high school students that was going to build

The Worst German Victory in World War II

World War II is called “World War” because of its worldwide geographic extent and this is perhaps the least imaginative and least instructive basis to name a war. The Second World War was a teachable moment in a multitude of ways and we should draw as much of a lesson as possible from this costly

Heat, Fish sale, Cats, UM top this week’s Hot Button list

[ad_1] 1. HEAT Hot Miami carries 13-game winning streak to Philly: Scorchin’ Heat won a 13th consecutive game Friday in Brooklyn before heading to Philadelphia to play Saturday night. Hey, who kidnapped that other Heat team that was 11-30? We need to find out so we can thank them. 2. MARLINS Fish set for spring

Worker killed in forklift mishap at FDNY parts depot

[ad_1] A worker was killed Saturday in Queens when he became pinned between a forklift and a delivery truck, sources told The Post. The man was working at the FDNY parts depot at 30-03 Review Avenue in Long Island City, when he put the forklift in neutral and placed it next to his van. When